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Merry-go-round of Life

Featured Artist: Pandora Wang

10 November 2023







Images: ©Pandora Wang, courtesy of the artist

Pandora Wang

Switching from an economist to a creator, the artist has always been torn between opposite personas - The longing for absolute truths and the fascination with the uncontrollable. The need to understand these emotions and establish connections, both within her and with the external world, has been the cornerstone of Pandora's practice.

The artist is currently focused on exploring issues of identity, perception, fragility, and fluctuations of the mind through changes. Her works usually come in series, threaded together with theatrical narratives abstracted from either distorted reality or authenticated fantasies, having rationales and delusions interwind like a double helix. Most of them cross documentation, drawings, paintings, texts, and motion pictures to provoke understanding through decoding interactive information. Pandora is a creator with detective lenses, searching for both simple and complex meanings from either mundane or transcendent discourse. 

"I consider changes to be the only constant in life. It is not necessarily bad, sometimes could even be exciting, but the transition phase, however brief, is almost always uneasy. Before the new reality settles, there is unbearable weightlessness. Yet it is also this Schrödinger’s cat state that incubates all sorts of possibilities and reshapes our perceptions and understandings - a state that I fear the most and also obsessed with...I want to appreciate the universe by understanding both its mechanism and poetics. I make art to provoke universal emotions that surpass differences."

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