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A contemporary painter, Green is driven to express hisfrustrations with social & political issues through creating expressive art. His work presents, at times satirically, intense images to criticise the irrationality and inequality of a capitalistic society, such as discrimination, conflict, a gap between rich and poor people, and the law of the jungle which is built into an unfair society. 

Using oil colour, the strong contrast and rough textures are applied directly, by finger and palette knife. Green expresses extreme emotions by painting firstly, with passion, followed by mindful consideration of composition and message. Through this process, diverse and bold colour palettes are balanced to show strength and weakness. These expressions signify the spirit of intense resistance to modern society and critical thinking about the violence and cruelty of capitalism. Green also takes apart forms and visually expose a matière of thickly layered paints on canvas. The imperfect surface and unnatural images throughout his artworks indicate uncertainty and anxiety about the social issues that surround us.


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