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Jingyu Niu

Jingyu is a Chinese artist based in London. Jingyu's practice is largely inspired by Buddhist and Oriental philosophy; this includes the elements such as Teaism and its subtle emotions and details that are often overlooked.  Jingyu's works cross painting, photography and other media. Topics Include the  past experiences and new insights on life, where the artist refers as "resee the seen”.

"As Within, So Without"

 Body language and hand gestures are considered to be primal ways of communication long before vocal. It can express complex emotions in ways that are often overlooked by languages. In the series "As Within, So Without", the artist has mapped out the life on individual body languages by gathering hands of people from different professions. The hands revealed incredibly rich and uncanny information. They tell the marks time left on them, what we see is what they’ve been, as within, so without.

"I wish to infuse a touch ‘slow’ into our fast-paced life, by concentrating not only just the results but also the seemingly ‘slow’ process of doing things to better provide an artwork that “as beautiful inside and out”."

- Jingyu Niu


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