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Marie-Therese Heublein

Artist Biography

Marie explores the changes in ones sense of self by the exposure to the digital. Central to Marie’s work is the notion of the in-between that surfaces as a dynamic equilibrium between the figure and its abstraction. By morphing our digital and physical selves the body becomes limitless and material of experimentation. In this state of digital dualism there are no natural limits and no natural dynamics just the in-between of our contemporary existence.

Marie engages with the interconnections of digital and analogue processes, digital modelling and traditional painting. Influenced by the visual languages of Baroque and Renaissance painters and the hyperrealistic and reflective textures of digital renderings she creates the illusion of impasto on the flat and almost screen-like surface of the canvas. In the paintings, Marie imagines otherworldly spaces of bendable time and transformable space that can be tuned and adjusted or in which the body is tuned, adjusted and consumed. Her paintings reflect on the feeling of disembodiment and displacement that develops from the unpredictability of being torn between the two parallel spaces. A glitch occurs when elements collide that should not or cannot physically exist together in the real world. The glitch, the fracture and the fluidity of shapes are recurring elements in Marie's work that act as indicators of the dissolving and rebuilding of our own identities. We are becoming multiple and redefine our relationship towards the organic nature. 


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