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Mina Fouladi

“The boom in development in Tehran has led to a lot of single or double-story houses being knocked down and replaced by mid-rises. My Grandmother’s house is one of them. There are three pillars that inform my practice: The past in the form of family photographs; The present - youtube videos of walking tours in Tehran, and my present self imagining the architectural structures of these dwellings have now been destroyed and replaced. 

I paint photo albums on canvas from old digital photos on my hard drive. They activate the time period for me. I stitch these images that float in cyberspace back together in the form of a photo album. This process is therapeutic for me. I am referencing the Persian miniature and specifically the framed stories that occur within them…”

- Mina Fouladi

Mina’s current practice focuses on the artist’s own memories from Iran and the places that no longer exist. Painting from old family photographs and recent YouTube videos of Iran, Mina has created a visual language that ignites the essence of these places. The personal and intimate experience of the artist resonates with other members of the Iranian/Middle Eastern diaspora, and possibly everyone who revisit their own memory palace through Mina's works. 


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