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Thea Zhou

Artist Biography

“When I had dinner with an old friend a year ago, he told me that he had suffered from de-pression for several years. As long as he had something to cope with the next day, he couldn’t sleep well and he had to take drugs for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant functions. Besides, he had to give up his Ph.D. studies due to depression. As I heard that, I felt very astonished, because in my impression he was a very optimistic person. I talked with him all night but I didn’t think I had helped him much. He said he couldn’t even trust his closest family members but he thanked me as my words made him feel better.All of them feel lonely and stay at their own small world. They hope that their small world won’t be disturbed by others while they hope that someone can understand them and come closer . So I created this picture book to tell more people that they are not alone and communicate with them. In this way , they can deepen the connection with the world."

-Thea Zhou


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