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Untamed Desires and Untold Truth
9 Club Row London E1 6JX
19-22 October 2022

Curated by: Thea Zhou, Jingyu niu

Exhibiting Artists

Ayan Mohamed Abdi
Brenda R. Fernández
Carly Hsin
Christine Lee
Fergus Channon
Hyesu Kim
Isaac Pollock
Jiayue Ma
Laura Porter
Liangying Wan
Lucas Bullens
Marie-Therese Heublein
Nephelo Jiang & Ginny Gong
Sammi Mak
Tom Harper
Yichen He
Yudi Wu
Yuhao Dong

Curators Choice Award (Sponsored Duo)

Fergus Channon
Lucas Bullens

Audience Choice Award (Sponsored Group Exhibition)
Christine Lee
Isaac Pollock 

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