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Long's series of abstract paintings combines contemporary abstract art with the aesthetics of traditional Chinese painting. One is based on the frame of reference formed by Western contemporary art, reflecting or introspecting on Chinese cultural traditions, and the other is based on the cultural logic and art historical context of contemporary Chinese art, distancing myself from the West, forming the artist's own personal rhetoric and expression.

The artist is inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting. In traditional Chinese landscape painting the most important thing is the "qi" of the picture, which is an abstract concept of the temperament that the whole picture conveys to the viewer. The artitst places great emphasis on the place of inspiration and the subconscious in the creation of his work as expressed in his meta order series. Each colour block and line in the painting follows a certain rhythm, the back and forth, the gradation of reality and left and right play with each other to create a state of balance and restraint in the internal structure, and subconsciously find their place in this order to stimulate the imagination to develop an infinite The meditative space that spreads in an infinite succession.

Long's practice is to set up rules and orders, but at the same time to disrupt and break the order in another way, using different painting techniques to achieve a balance in the picture by constantly modifying, overwriting and destroying.

Chen Yuanlong

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