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Heralded as a rising star of China's contemporary art scene, Hu Zeqian orchestrates a symphony that unveils the profound interplay between images and the intricate tapestry of emotions. Seeking inspiration from museum collections, magazines, vintage photographs, and artifacts, Zeqian assembles recorded fragments with a meticulous layering technique. He deftly transforms forgotten moments into a contemporary narrative, navigating the delicate dance between past and present, the fabricated and the genuine, and the personal and the universal.

“Nature reshuffles everything, giving rise to a new world as the old one fades away. Assuming a perspective akin to that of God, we observe every frame of existence shifting in this ever-changing world. These fragments, imbued with emotions, are reinterpreted and narrated on canvas, forming a new realm that exists between fantasy and reality."

- Hu Zeqian

Hu Zeqian

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