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Wei is a rising Chinese artist based in London. Wei's current practice is focused on painting. By drawing attention to ordinary objects in daily life, Wei's works provoke thinking about the philosophical meaning of time and existence.

By scraping the surface of the whole canvas, the lines and boundaries are blurred,  conveying a convey a mysterious, quiet narrative with subtle emotions.  The artist uses his unique painting language to describe and refine the world that he sees. And with an injection of sincere emotions and personal feelings, the transient moments are framed into eternity.

"I think everything in the world will disappear one day in the future, and the beautiful moments in life are also short-lived, temporary, and these things are not eternal.  So I use a special painting language. I use a scraper to destroy the boundaries between objects to make the objects appear to be disappearing as a way to express this philosophical question."

- Wei Huang

Huang Wei

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