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Ilán Valdés, a freelance Art Director and conceptual portrait photographer based in Perú. Following an instinctive process to create images, the artist focuses on the limits of perception (the visible) and the creation of constructed identity. Ilán sees memory as the perceptual tool with which we analyse, recreate and understand realities. Expression, on the other hand, is the artist’s tool to explore the boundaries between the abstract and the figurative to evoke conversations.

Ilán adopts multidisciplinary scope to process and highlight these ideas outside of traditional mediums - experimental forms of image making, media altering and storytelling to create parallel scenarios (and therefore liminal realities) that clash in unexpected ways for the spectator. By acknowledging the lack of control in every spectator’s perception, one might as well generate a visual overload that recirculates the virtual or physical spaces they inhabit. Ilán focus on the clash of multiple simultaneous conversations and contexts, using different, often unmixed media.

"I have been taking pictures of everything that surrounds me, with the intention of creating a visual experience in the context of recreated memory. My plans are to continue expressing my concerns through my work, trying to perpetuate the effect on the observer with an effective, concrete message without attributing an axiological value to its content."

- Ilan Valdes

Ilan Valdes

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