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Shuangqiang's artistic odyssey began amidst the bustling streets of Beijing, where the juxtaposition of ancient traditions and modern influences became a wellspring of creative inspiration. A graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China, Shuangqiang perfected his skills with a focus on merging traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics.

The significance of Li's work lies in his adept ability to seamlessly weave elements of pop culture into the fabric of Chinese artistic traditions. His creations serve as a visual commentary on the evolving cultural zeitgeist, capturing the attention of audiences both in China and beyond.

In the "Turin Horse" series, Shuangqiang employs the metaphorical image of the Turin horse as a potent visual motif. The use of glitch art, with its chaotic pixel collisions and vibrant hues, serves as a contemporary lens through which he delves into the disarray of modern existence. The chaotic pixel collisions and vibrant hues within his compositions not only serve as a reflection but also provide commentary on the complexities and uncertainties that define the present era. 

Li Shuangqiang

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