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Yishan is a Chinese artist based in London. Amid the unpredictable pandemic, Yishan Ling has posed the question about 'truth and falsity' - whether what we take for granted is true or false. The artist began her quest on her own family environment and stories.Language is an essenntial element of her most recent practice. 

In the current series, Yishan has created a number of related works inspired by the 'mantra'. The works explore graphics, translations, cognitive linguistics, the relationship between people, languages, and words. The series was named "Do Chinese gods speak foreign languages?" Here the artist invites people to thinnnk about the rationality of the existence of divine power by asking a simple question.

"A language is a tool. Humans cannot think without relying on languages. Language is a uniquely human form of communication that reflects the highly evolved mental capacities of humans on a biological or psychological level, and the progress of human civilisation on a socio-cultural level."

-Yishan Ling

Ling Yishan

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