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Marie-Therese Heublein (b. 1997, Germany) is a London- based artist working with painting, 3D animation, and augmented reality.

In her practice, Marie-Therese explores the changes in one's sense of self through exposure to the digital. Central to her work is the notion of the in-between, which surfaces as a dynamic equilibrium between the figure and its abstraction. By morphing our digital and physical modes of existence, the body becomes a limitless material for experimentation. In this state of digital dualism, there are no natural limits and no natural dynamics - just the in-between of our contemporary existence.

Marie-Therese engages with the interconnections of

digital and analog processes, utilizing digital modeling in augmented reality (AR) alongside traditional oil painting on canvas. Influenced by the spiraling portrayal of pathos in the Baroque era and the juxtaposition of hyperrealistic and transformative virtual environments, she examines the new states the body can assume in these mixed environments. Marie-Therese envisions otherworldly spaces characterized by bendable time and transformable space that can be tuned and adjusted, or in which the body is tuned, adjusted, and consumed.

Marie-Therese Heublein

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