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Renowned for his transformative approach to traditional Chinese ink art, Qiu Jiahao is a pioneering practitioner of ink experimentation.

Throughout his career, Jiahao progressed from defying traditional techniques to embracing them, blending tradition with a modern lens. The essence of Jiahao’s work lies in a dualistic play of black and white, the painted and the absence.

Jiahao's artistic philosophy not only challenges the boundaries of traditional ink art but also prompts a profound dialogue about the complexities of modern existence. Since 2019, the artist has delved into exploring societal dilemmas in the contemporary era.

In his recent series, the artist employs the symbolism of fishhooks to metaphorically represent the compelling forces of "temptation" and "desire," grappling with internal contradictions and succumbing to the pitfalls of societal "inward spiraling." This portrayal captures the sharpness and dynamism of desires, along with the anxiety prevalent in the younger generation, inviting viewers to contemplate the societal challenges encapsulated within the delicate dance of ink on paper.

Qiu Jiahao

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