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Featured Artist: Miao Jialong

Miao's artistic narrative delicately explores the commonplace, where everyday items transcend to cosmic artifacts. His meticulously crafted ceramics, resembling artisanal masterpieces, unfold tales spanning historical, contemporary, and speculative futures. This chronicle embodies resilience against the potential erasure of diverse histories, urging active participation in shaping our collective narrative.

At the core of Miao's work is an invitation to reconsider our world with thoughtful creativity. His creations, dynamic provocations born from the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and visionary foresight, prompt engagement with the latent potential of human creativity. The overlooked everyday object, often underestimated, assumes profound significance in artistic expression. It becomes a canvas for subtle and nuanced forms of communication, possessing an inherent language that artists tap into to convey emotions with a delicate touch. This subtlety in artistic expression allows for a nuanced exploration of human experience, providing viewers with a contemplative space to decipher the understated messages encoded within the ordinary. By juxtaposing the familiar with the unexpected, Miao weave a tapestry of multiple dimensions, inviting viewers into a dialogue between the tangible and the imagined. This interplay challenges preconceived notions, encouraging a reinterpretation of the ordinary and fostering a richer, more layered understanding of the world.


"This series of ceramic works is a cohesive collection of sculptures, each of which embodies the vision of a future relic. These modern objects are reinterpreted and presented as a reflection and imagination of our civilisation and the future world." - Miao Jialong

ANTIQUITIES SERIES, Miao Jialong, Ceramic, Variable Sizes

ANTIQUITIES SERIES 2023 (OBSCURA -Exhibition View), Miao Jialong, Ceramic, Variable Sizes

ANTIQUITIES SERIES, Miao Jialong, Ceramic, Variable Sizes


"3099 explores a space for reflection and exploration. Offer a perspective that challenges the conventional, prompting individuals to reconsider their values and lifestyles. These artworks demonstrate the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and individual autonomy, encouraging us to reexamine the world we inhabit and explore the power of creativity and imagination." - Miao Jialong

“3099", Miao Jialong, Ceramic, Steel, 2m x 1m x 2m


"Aiming to take the viewer on enthralling journeys into fictive worlds that eerily echo our own. Weaving references to science fiction, pop culture and countercultures, they touch on alternative ways of living and thinking: lost belief systems, interrupted histories, and cultures that resist inclusion in an increasingly homogenised and globalised world." - Miao Jialong

"SPACE DEBRIS”, 2021, Miao Jialong, Ceramic, Steel, 1m x 0.8m x 0.5m

Images: ©Miao Jialong, Courtesy of the Artist

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