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Featured Artist: Christine Lee

Christine Lee’s work is a playful and surrealistic exploration of how social and political contexts shape objects around us. By creating a sense of defamiliarisation in her paintings and sculptures, Lee probes the shifts in meanings and functions of objects. Her art thoughtfully contemplates the nature and values of these objects, challenging our perceptions of the surrounding world.

Frequently employing everyday items, Lee delves into how their interactions with various societies frame a single object in multiple ways. Her work, rich with historical references, amalgamates different interpretations of an object, including those associated with social status. Metaphorically representing an object's reconceptualisation across diverse contexts, Lee transfigures objects in unexpected manners, prompting questions about our preconceptions. Her approach not only reflects changes in society and culture over time but also views objects as mirrors of their era and space, offering insights into their historical backdrop.

In addition to exploring an object's dynamics within social and political realms, Lee investigates the intrinsic nature of objects through her defamiliarising and surrealistic techniques. Her works, characterized by a blend of strangeness and playfulness, challenge the confines of stereotypical boundaries. Lee scrutinizes how society shapes our perception of objects, inspiring a reevaluation and new recognition of them. Overall, her oeuvre aims to provide a broader and more profound understanding of our world.

How much? Gouache on Paper Canvas, 22.3 x 33.3 cm

Welcome Cookies, Paint on Clay, Polystrene, Resin, Wood, 35 x 20 x 20cm

Untitled(detail), Paint on Clay, Paint on Wood, Various in Dimension

Upside Down, Wood, Styrofoam, Paint on Clay, Metal, 120 x 178 x 60cm

Upside Down (Detail), Wood, Styrofoam, Paint on Clay, Metal, 120 x 178 x 60cm

Stripped, Paint on Clay, Paint on Wood, Various Dimensions

Stripped, Detail, Paint on Clay, Paint on Wood, Various Dimensions

Luxury, Paint on Clay, Rope, Faux Leather, 22 x 22 x 90cm

Images: ©Christine Lee, Courtesy of the Artist

Christine Lee

Christine Lee is a Korean artist based in London, renowned for her unique aesthetics and narratives that redefine objects. Lee's portfolio showcases a versatile range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and installation art, exploring the relationships between objects and their socio-political contexts. Her work often features recurring themes such as identity, belonging, and the interplay between tradition and modernity. Her exhibitions, both solo and group, have garnered critical acclaim, establishing her as a rising talent in the international art scene.


2020, MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK 2013, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA - Graphic Design BFA (Honors) 

Solo Exhibitions

2023  Upside Down, Gallery-O, Seoul, South Korea

2023  Poppies Rotate Around Us, Gallery Dos, Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibitions

2023  G.O.D. 3 (full name pending), Plague pro partnership with O Fluxo, (forthcoming

2023  SWANFALL Annual Exhibition, Through the Looking Glass, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2023  When Walls Are Bare (Swanfall), Gallery 46, London, UK

2022  Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Sejong Center, Seoul, South Korea 

2022  Unveil (Swanfall), 9 Club Row, London, UK

2022 Splinters in the ongoing normal, Project Gallery V, New York, USA 2022  

2022 Emerging Artists, Dodomu Gallery, New York, USA

2021 Chimera, Cylinder, Seoul, South Korea

2019 Plastic Tongue, 5156 Ltd, London, UK

2019  Dear Damon, The Courtyard Gallery, London, UK

2018 A World in Vertigo Brunel Museum, London, UK

2012 ISE Cultural Foundation Award - ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery, New York, USA


2023  G.O.D. 3 (full name pending), Plague pro partnership with O Fluxo, (forthcoming

2023  FOA (Friend of the Artist) Volume 16

2022 Create! Magazine Issue 29

2012 GDUSA (Graphic Design USA)


2022 Galerie Biesenbach Art Matters 6, Finalist

2022 Exhibition Unveil, Audience Choice Award

2013 ISE Cultural Foundation, Jan Staller Award

2013 Hiiibrand International Packaging Design Award, Finalist

2012 GDUSA (Graphic Design USA), Winner of the Publication/Editorial Award

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