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Featured Artist: Dominique Holmes

Dom Holmes is an emerging British painter and mixed-media artist based in London. Holmes swiftly gained recognition, with their art showcased in exhibitions and fairs across the UK, the US, and Europe.

Holmes’s work is primarily concerned with themes of nature, in particular as a vehicle for exploring spirituality, identity, and ego. With a rich background in tattooing and design, and influenced by Carravagio, Eugene Delacroix, Ernst Haeckel, Hokusai, and Georgia O’Keefe, Holmes skillfully navigates the realms of traditional fine art methods, employing painting and print-making to delve into the essence of their subjects.

Holmes's choices of subjects are drawn from their immediate environment - from the verdant tranquility of neighborhood gardens to the solitary grace of a roadside fig tree. Holmes observes, translates the fragility and overlooked beauty, and elevates them in extreme close-ups against deep, dark backgrounds. The technical aspects of Dom's work, particularly the use of minimal pigments and glazing techniques, encourage appreciation for the subtleties of light, texture, and colour.

White Peony, Dom Holmes, 2023

Red Orchids, Dom Holmes, 2023

Red Tulip, Dom Holmes, 2023

White Lisianthus, Dom Holmes, 2023

Red Magnolia, Dom Holmes, 2023

Cally Lily, Dom Holmes, 2023

Small White and Broken Wing, White Lisianthus, Dom Holmes, 2023

OBSCURA, Exhibition View

Images: ©Dom Holmes, Courtesy of the Artist

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