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Featured Artists: Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue

Parallel, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue, 2023, Interactive Installation, Exhibited at Exhibition "About Time"

Daphne Ting-Yu Chu is a London-based new media artist and lighting designer who combines visual/ sound art and technology to create interactive and immersive experiences. Teng Xue is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative journey spans multiple disciplines, including architecture, virtual reality, and installation art. Their latest work, "Parallel," invites the audience to explore the delicate balance between solitude and connection through different textures of light and sound.

Parallel, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue, 2023, Interactive Installation

Parallel, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue, 2023, Interactive Installation

At the heart of their artistic practice lies a commitment to creating immersive environments that engage the senses and provoke thought. Through their mastery of light, sound, and interactive technology, Chu and Xue transcend traditional boundaries, redefining the parameters of artistic expression in the digital age.

Chu's fascination with the interplay of light and space permeates her work, from illuminating arena-scale live performances to crafting intimate spatial experiences and interactive art. Her works serve as captivating testaments to the transformative potential of illumination, inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship with their surroundings. In her previous work, After Glow III, Chu delves into the dynamic interplay between tangible physical space and intangible perception. Through a harmonious symphony of light and sound, she challenges viewers to question assumptions and embrace the fluidity of perception.

With Parallel, Chu and Xue navigate the terrain of human connection and isolation, employing innovative mediums to provoke introspection and dialogue. When audiences move in front of the installation, they are captured and visualised by lights and projection in real time. The work confronts the nuances of human connection and finds solace in the interplay between solitude and communion. The viewers became both observers and participants, co-creating a reality responding to their presence and movements.

"Our projects aim to create a form of human connection that invites the audience to become active co-creators, engaging with and participating in the experience rather than merely observing." - Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue

Flow is an interactive lighting installation that uses movement to engage with light, creating an immersive experience. LED strips with dynamic pixels respond in real-time to people's movements. As participants dance to the music, their 'Flow' is captured and visualised through lights that illuminate the space.

Flow, 2019, Interactive Installation, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu

The interactive sound-visual installation Afterglow captures the 'Afterglow' of an occupant's impact in space, both physical and perceived.

By reconstructing the room using light and sound, Chu created a fluid, ever-changing perception of space that responds to occupant behaviour, inviting viewers to explore the boundary between tangible physical space and intangible perceived space through sensory perception, light, and sound.

After Glow III, 2022, Interactive Installation, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu

Yeah to Z is a tribute to Gen Z culture. This 10-day exhibition combines a series of art scenes, NPC interactions, and mechanical devices to create an immersive gaming experience.

Yeah To Z, 2020, Teng Xue

Images: ©Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Teng Xue, Courtesy of the Artist

Editor: Pandora Wang, Co-Founder, Art Director, SWANFALL ART

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