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Featured Artist: Ma Jiayue

A Line of Trees, 2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper, 15 x 30cm

Epping Forest lies to the northeast of London, a pristine expanse I've had the privilege of visiting four times throughout the changing seasons. Within its boundaries, one encounters majestic deciduous trees, open meadows, babbling streams, and serene lakes. The forest exudes a perennially moist atmosphere, with lush and bountiful flora adorning its depths during the summer, rendering it a verdant oasis. As one delves deeper, the forest takes on an enigmatic allure. In winter, a blanket of fallen leaves covers the forest floor, revealing the crisp brilliance of a clear sky.
Natural landscapes in various climatic zones often evoke distinct emotions. The perpetually mist-laden air, caressing the shores of this island nation, has bestowed upon England its gentle and enchanting natural beauty. Think of overcast days by the seaside with sprawling grasslands, quaint towns alongside tranquil rivers, and the woodlands where elusive deer roam freely.
Expansive meadows, serpentine waterways, and placid lakes, Epping Forest unveils its secrets with ease. My maiden voyage here, a pilgrimage of sketching and contemplation, unfolded as a southward odyssey, an entire morning's journey through an aqueous labyrinth of marshlands and mirror-like ponds. These elements now reside as cherished relics in the sanctuary of my memory, accompanied by the thoughts that danced amid the whispering leaves of the forest.
- Jiayue Ma

Crows, 2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper, 15 x 21cm

Tree on the Cliff, 20 x 18cm, Three Withered Woods Before Waters, 20 x 17cm, Lake and Tree, 30 x 21cm (2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper)

Bed Between Three Trees, 20 x 17cm, Tree on the Isle, 20 x 18cm, Bed in the Woods, 20 x 16cm, Bed and Tree Before Curtain, 20 x 20cm, Trees and Field, 30 x 28cm, Bed, Tree, Curtain and Flame, 18 x 18cm (2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper)

Bonsai, 2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper, 20 x 19cm

Duvet 2022, Liquid Pencil on Paper, 20 x 18cm

Images: ©Ma Jiayue, Courtesy of the Artist

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